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Monday in Motivation – Have you ever been forced to take a break from painting or drawing and worried that your skills were slipping because of it? Tomorrow Stede Barber will share the habits she’s developed for staying artistically sharp—even when you can’t take the time to use a brush or pencil.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – There’s a very useful (yet all-to-often completely ignored) technique for creating exceptional paintings. . . what it is it? Doris Glovier has the full explanation on Tuesday.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Catherine Jeffrey is a talented painter who focuses on urban scenes with lots of atmosphere, whether that be rain, mist, wind, or snow. Drop in on Wednesday to see a few of her wonderful paintings.

Thursday in Selling Art Online – Imagekind—a print-on-demand company I’ve talked about many times before—has added some exciting new features for their artists. I’ll do a quick run-down of those changes on Thursday.

Friday in General Art Advice – Thinking about teaching a children’s art class? Or just teaching your own kids? Whether you’re doing it for fun or profit, don’t miss part one of Charlotte B. DeMolay’s new series, starting this Friday.

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