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I’ve unofficially dubbed this “art business” week on EE, and I’m leaving Friday’s article wide open for YOUR contributions. Keep reading to learn how you can get involved. . .

Monday in Art Business Advice – Tomorrow, Rose Welty will be wrapping up her free art education series with a list of business and career resources for artists. As with all of Rose’s articles, there’s a wealth of information included.

Tuesday in Selling Art Online – Over the past few years I’ve received a number of art-selling ebooks from authors who hope I’ll promote them on EmptyEasel, but generally speaking none of them have been worth mentioning. . . up until now, that is.

Check back on Tuesday for my review of a new ebook that I feel would actually be helpful to many artists who are thinking about selling art online.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop in to see some beautiful plein air landscapes by Kathleen Weber, an oil painter from Rhode Island. As always, you can also submit your own artwork to be featured here.

Thursday in Art Opinion – For a while now, LinkedIn has been known as the premier place for business networking online. . . but I think those days are over. On Thursday I’ll discuss why Twitter has become a far better place for artists to do business networking than LinkedIn ever was.

Friday in Art Business Advice – Here’s where we’d love to have your input. Do you have a tip, tactic, resource, or piece of advice that you wouldn’t mind sharing with other artists who are just now starting their own art business?

If so, please send it in!

It could be nearly anything—how you’ve chosen to manage your time, your taxes, your online presence, or anything else related to running a business or making an income from your work.

Whatever you’d like to share, just keep it brief (a few paragraphs at the most) and either email it to me at emptyeasel@gmail.com, use my contact form, or—if you’re on twitter—feel free to tweet it and put @emptyeasel at the end so I’ll see it.

I’ll be accepting submissions until Thursday at 11:59pm, and you’ll see your tip published on Friday with a link back to your website and/or twitter profile.

In the meantime, here are last week’s articles on EmptyEasel:

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Joshua Flint: A Glimpse of Painted Motion

Trunkt.org – Connecting Artists with Wholesale Buyers

Running on Feelings: Thoughts About Art, Life, and Inspiration

Is there something you’d like to share on EE? Send it in!

EmptyEasel is proud to publish reader-submitted articles nearly every week. Please submit your own article here or learn why you might want to.

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Monday in SEO for Artists - After writing an introductory tutorial on SEO (search engine optimization) for all of our foliotwist artists, I thought it might be a helpful article for EmptyEasel readers as well—so I'll be cross-posting that on EE. . . read more

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