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Monday in SEO for Artists – In tomorrow’s article I’ll be sharing how I do “keyword targeting” for EmptyEasel. I’m actually fairly casual with this particular search engine optimization technique (I should probably use it a bit more than I do) but I’m sure I’ll have a few tips that you’ll find useful for your own art blog or website.

Tuesday in Art Opinion – Last week Tiffany Gholar submitted an article that was rather provocatively titled, “Are Artists Stupid?” I’ll say nothing more and just let you read it for yourself, this Tuesday.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Christina Hasel is a photographer whose work captures the beauty—and personality—of old, run-down buildings. Lisa Orgler has the full write-up on Wednesday.

Thursday in General Art Advice – Do you send postcards when you travel? Coming up on Thursday Charlene Brown will explain five reasons why you might want to paint your postcards instead of buying them.

Friday in Selling Art Online – Call it a hobby, call it a side-project; I’ve decided to put together a timeline showing some of the significant events that have changed the online art market over the last several years.

Feel free to email me your suggestions for things that I should include—I may not have the timeline completely perfect by Friday, but I’ll post what I do have and then continue to update it as time goes on.

Last week’s articles on EmptyEasel:

5 Ways to Sell More Art From Your Website – Without Increasing Traffic

Mark Schwartz: If the Shoe Fits, Paint It! A Social Network for the Arts

The Question – Get an Artist Website or Join an Online Gallery?

As you can see, one article is missing. Here’s why:

If you follow me on Twitter you may already know what happened, but for the rest of you, a reader-submitted article was published on EE last Tuesday which turned out to be plagiarized from J.R. Baldini’s website,

I was very disappointed when I found out about it—both that I didn’t catch the article before it was published, and that someone would actually try to take credit for something they didn’t write.

Suffice it to say, I apologized to J.R. for the mistake and removed the article.

To those of you who were looking forward to reading that article on choosing an art workshop, please visit Everything you’d need to know about art workshops is there.

And to all the non-plagiarizers out there. . .

EmptyEasel is still proud to publish reader-submitted articles nearly every week. Please submit your own article here or learn why you might want to.


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