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It’s said that you can never truly know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. . . But you’ll never really know Mark Schwartz until you’ve experienced his paintings of shoes.

Mark is an accomplished shoe designer, having been in the industry for over twenty years. In the mid-1980s he worked for Roger Vivier, a groundbreaking 20th century shoe designer, and was greatly inspired by Andy Warhol.

Warhol encouraged him to pursue his love for creating artistic paintings of shoes, and since then, Mark has created hundreds of colorful and dynamic shoe paintings.

my plate

Much of his art originates from the shoes that he designs himself. It’s very fitting (no pun intended) that Mark transforms highly sought-after shoes into highly sought-after paintings, purchased by both private and public collectors.

Mark’s technique of using ink with watercolor washes adds exciting movement to his glitzy shoe subjects. It’s the perfect way of capturing the often blurred objects on our own feet as we rush from place to place.

sandals falling

Mark is often asked if he prefers designing shoes or painting them. His response is that “I love both but I must say that painting a shoe as art, taking a sketch or scribble of an idea and making it into a painting that hangs in someone’s home, office or store gives me an exceptional feeling of personal joy and happiness.”

two in red

To see more of Mark Schwartz’s artwork, please visit highheeledart.blogspot.com.

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