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Monday in Art Products – For tomorrow’s article, our resident pastel expert Robert Sloan will be publishing a product review of Pan Pastels. He has a LOT of good things to say about this brand, so if you like pastels (or you’re thinking of trying some out) you won’t want to miss it.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your art? Well there’s help around the corner—Angela Fehr has come up with 8 solid ways to almost instantly improve your next painting. Check back on Tuesday to learn more.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – John Guild is a talented photographer with a knack for creating stunning floral photographs (among other things). Drop in to see some examples of his work this Wednesday.

Thursday in Art Movements – Ever wonder why still life paintings always seem to have apples, oranges, bread, or some other kind of food in them? On Thursday, Donovan Gauvreau will share his answer to that question with a fascinating article on the history of food in art.

Friday in Motivation – And come back at the end of the week to read Jean Cauthen’s inspiring first-hand account of her painting trip to Positano, Italy.

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