This Week: 11/2 through 11/8

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Monday in Art Opinion – According to one EmptyEasel reader, some online art communities seem to be getting a lot of attention from the mainstream media (online and offline) without doing enough for their artist members. Check back in tomorrow to see if you agree or disagree with her assessment.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – Colors often change depending on the temperature of the light hitting them and as artists it’s important to be able to see those changes and adjust our paintings to match. On Tuesday Dianne Mize will explain a simple technique for finding the correct temperature of colors while you paint.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Ann Vandervelde is an abstract landscape painter who’s definitely not afraid of texture. Drop in on Wednesday to see her work, or head over to EmptyEasel right now and submit your own artwork to be featured.

Thursday in Art Opinion – Calico d’Nikonian thinks that wet-on-wet painting technique is getting a bad rap in the artist community and emailed EE to set the record straight. Read the full article this Thursday.

Friday in GIMP Help – If you’re looking for a little more “oomph” from GIMP or Photoshop then don’t miss our second article on blending modes, due out this Friday. You can catch our first blending mode article by checking out the links below.

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