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Monday in General Art Advice – How would you like to have an original print by Picasso or Dali hanging on your wall at home? Impossible? Maybe not.

Original prints (even by famous artists) are much more affordable than you might think—but it still takes a savvy buyer to pick out what’s good and what’s not. Drop in tomorrow to learn more.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – You’ve probably heard the phrase, “variety is the spice of life,” and that goes for paintings as well. Come back on Tuesday to see how alternating brush strokes and patterns can add some visiual “spice” to your art.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Ralph Parker is a Texas-based painter whose wonderful, classic landscapes are simply serene. But don’t just take my word for it. . . see for yourself on Wednesday.

Thursday in Motivation – This Thursday Denise Telep will be posting her one-on-one artist interview with Brian Jones, a rising Cleveland artist. It’s the first of many interviews we hope to publish on EE and I think you’ll enjoy it quite a bit.

Friday in GIMP Help – Multiply, Screen, Overlay. . . If you use GIMP, you’ve probably come across blending modes before, but do you know what they all do? Check back in on Friday for some answers. (Photoshop users, this info will help you too!)

And here are last week’s articles once more:

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