Vivek Vadkar: Vibrant Paintings of India

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After graduating from Mumbai University with his art degree, Vivek Vadkar dove into painting, combining his two favorite subjects: landscapes and figures—and the results are simply stunning.

Vivek’s eye for composition is excellent, elevating normal, everyday moments into fine art. Whether it’s an outdoor market, lined by woven baskets filled to the brim with food, or a dirt path winding towards a distant town, each painting feels like brand new moment, the beginning of a story waiting to be explored.


In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised (at all!) if these few glimpses of life in India didn’t waken the desire to travel in someone. All that vibrant color and incredible detail? It calls to you, doesn’t it?

Just feel the heat of that blue sky below. Hear that warm breeze rustling in the leaves.


Look out at those fields—speckled by wild flowers and waving stalks of grass. (Are those clothes set out to dry alongside of the path?) Either way, it all leads to a picturesque town set against a backdrop of turquoise hills.


And again—the colors are simply incredible, especially in the textiles. Vivek’s skill at painting the gorgeous colors and designs of India is unmatched.

These three paintings are just the beginning. . . if you’d like to see more of Vivek Vadkar’s work (and I hope you do!) please visit


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