Contemporary Figures and Abstracts by Sharon Sieben

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Sharon Sieben’s paintings are a wonderful mix of bold colors and strong lines. Her favorite subject is the human figure, often depicted in a loose, gestural style surrounded by expressive, mood-filled compositions.

In Decisions, shown below, we can see all the hallmarks of Sharon’s unique style. A strong figure sits leaning intently forward, every muscle and bone seemingly ready to launch upward in an instant—once the decision is made.


Sharon’s deliberate use of charcoal to outline and shape her subject makes this painting incredibly expressive. Shadows and light give dimension to the body, but the visual weight of this particular figure is due almost entirely to those rough, dark lines.

Next, Floral Still Life II takes a somewhat simpler approach, yet the same sort of strong lines still have a tremendous effect on this vase-and-flowers composition.


I love the primarily two-toned palette, which juxtaposes warm reds and orange with a cool, icy blue. Sharon’s intelligent color pairing gives extra depth to the scene, as well as adding to the bold, graphic feel of the painting.

Lastly, Passing Thought takes things just one step further. . . and if I’m not mistaken, even references some of the iconic symbols and figures of the past.


So much is left to the imagination—but the vibrant colors, long brush-strokes, and textural patterns still manage to convey a wonderful sense of emotion that is easily felt as you peruse the canvas.

Want to see more? Take a few minutes and visit Sharon’s website for a look at the rest of her amazing portfolio!


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