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“Urban Summer” Abstract Paintings by Southern California Artist Gill Miller

With an eye for color and a steady hand, Gill Miller’s Southern California abstracts are simply a joy to behold.

Each one is created with vibrant hues of acrylic spray paint applied in vertical stripes and geometric patterns—and while you’d expect to see this type of painting displayed on the walls of a high-end gallery, it might suprise you to know where these stunning pieces of art are actually created. . .


. . . outside, in an alley.

That’s right—Gill relies on the fresh air outdoors to carry away his spray paint fumes, and I’m guessing the balmy SoCal weather doesn’t hurt either.

Just tell me you can’t see the gorgeous colors of California in these! :)


As much as I love the color, I also love the areas of white that Gill thoughtfully adds to his compositions. His color palette is so bright and bold that those “blank” sections give me a chance to rest and enjoy each piece without feeling visually closed-in.

There’s also a touch of depth to all of his paintings. . . sort of like he’s stacking layers of colorful paper, or sheets of dyed plastic that have just a hint of transparency.


Bright summery colors mixed with strong geometric shapes and repeating lines. . . can you really ask for anything more??

If you have a few free minutes today, I definitely recommend checking out the rest of Gill’s paintings at his website, GillMillerArt.com.

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