Monique Cudbertson: Brilliant, Star-studded Paintings of the Night Sky

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If you ask me, there’s nothing quite so awe-inspiring as standing outside at night (far away from the lights of civilization) and seeing countless brilliant stars sparkling overhead, each one somehow shining across millions of miles to reach our little corner of the universe.

Monique Cudbertson captures that feeling perfectly with her “Star Gazing Nightscapes” below, and lucky for us, she doesn’t stop at just stars!

With Galaxies and Arches, for example, Monique showcases both the natural red rock formations of Utah’s Arches National Park and a gorgeous view of the Milky Way.


I love the juxtaposition of orange and blue in this painting, and how it causes the rocks to jump forward into the foreground. The sky behind it feels massive, too, filled with a glow that illuminates a truly beautiful and desolate landscape.

Next, in a commissioned piece titled Two Moons and Mist, Monique features a non-earth landscape with two massive celestial moons floating above a stunning hillside of fog-shrouded trees.


We know there are worlds out there with more than one moon, but knowing it doesn’t hold a candle to seeing it. It seems like a collision is imminent, or at least an eclipse, which makes for an incredibly dynamic visual story.

Last but not least, Starry Joshua Tree is (in my opinion) the perfect way to end this post. I’m a huge fan of non-standard formats, and I especially love extra-tall paintings that allow your eyes to travel up and down a painting, soaking in every detail.


The Joshua Tree manages to remain the focus of this painting, despite the brilliant pinpoints of light and color streaming behind it—no small feat, given the amazing view from that location in Southern California.

If you have another minute, I encourage you to view the rest of Monique Cudbertson’s paintings at her website right away. You’ll be glad you did!


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