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On Monday there will be no new article posted on EmptyEasel, in honor of Memorial Day here in the US. If you’re celebrating with us, either here or around the world, have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Tuesday in Art Business Advice – Aletta de Wal returns with part two of her series, The ABC’s of Selling Your Art, to discuss the hidden similarities between buying and selling—and how you can channel your inner “buyer” to help make more sales.

Wednesday in Motivation – Painter John Beckley will reveal 3 methods he uses to stay creative and continually produce new work. Don’t miss it!

Plus, in this week’s New Artist Showcase. . .

Please join me in welcoming three of our newest artists at Foliotwist: Connie Mitchell, Kalli Matzora, and Amber Lindsay!

I particularly enjoy Connie’s bright, somewhat pop-inspired floral bouquets, so if you only have a minute, make sure to check those out. Her floral close-ups and garden scenes are also amazing, however, and well-worth a look!

Kalli’s landscapes and cloudscapes are absolutely stunning. While her artwork is limited at the moment (just five paintings) we’re definitely looking forward to seeing more from her down the road!

Last but not least, Amber’s done a beautiful job with her website, choosing the perfect neutral backdrop for her bright abstract paintings and accenting them with just a touch of modern orange text.

Feel free to drop by any of those artists websites this week—maybe leave them a message or a comment (I know they’d love that!) or just get inspired.

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