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Dreamlike, Collage Landscape Paintings by Mixed-media Artist Amelia Furman

Amelia Furman’s stunningly ethereal landscape paintings contain a little more detail than the typical nature scene. . .

Drawing on her background in printmaking and illustration, Amelia starts with vintage images, handwritten text, and symbols; then paints an entire landscape over the top to create a gorgeous, layered story of that particular location.

Take a minute to explore a few of her paintings below, then make sure to visit her website and see the rest of her awe-inspiring portfolio as well!

In Gone Fishing, Amelia brilliantly captured the vibrant colors of Estes Park, located in her home state of Colorado.


The landscape itself is certainly beautiful. . . but what’s truly intriguing is that even before Amelia starts painting, she’s already created an entire collage underneath! We’ll never know exactly what that collage looked like, although parts of it do peek through the layers of paint above it, adding another dimension to the composition.

Tuscan Countryside 1, below, incorporates details from the history of Florence in it’s steel-blue skies – drawings of machinery from Da Vinci, sketches of Pinnochio, and more, all of it helping to describe the history of this rural, rolling farmland.


Every time I look at this painting, I can’t help but feel like the land itself has a memory of all that came before. . .

And last but not least, in a sweet collage painting entitled Walk with Me, Amelia has paired several meaningful messages and letters about relationships and marriage with a wonderful image of a young couple walking the grounds of Valley Forge.


To see more of Amelia’s work (or even commission a collage painting of your own) please visit her website and browse through the rest of her paintings today!

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