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Monday we’ll be taking the day off for President’s Day here in the US. If you’re lucky enough to also get a three-day weekend, have a safe and happy holiday!

Tuesday in Art Opinion – Drop in for a few great suggestions for colored pencil artists from Carrie Lewis (which also apply to aspiring colored pencil artists, if that helps!)

Wednesday in Drawing Tips – Learning calligraphy can be daunting. But what if you had unlimited do-overs? This Wednesday, Rob Turner will share how digital tools (tablets/pens/software) can make calligraphy much, much easier. Don’t miss it!

Plus, if you’re looking for a GREAT deal on artist brushes. . .

Our friends at D’Artisan Shoppe are offering a very cool 2-for-1 deal just for EE readers!


For the next 48 hours, if you buy their Maestro Set at a discounted price of $43.98 you’ll also get their Masters Set for a super low price of just $6. All together, that’s 21 brushes for an average price of just $2.38 per brush! (Each set comes with its own case, too.)

I tested out the Masters Set myself—it comes with 6 natural hogs hair bristle brushes, so it’s great for oil and acrylic painters—and was quite happy with the overall quality.

I’ve also been emailing Chloe from D’Artisan Shoppe for about two weeks now, and I know she and the entire company are committed to great customer service—which is pretty clear from all the 5-star reviews on their Maestro Set at Amazon. :)

Ready to buy? Click here! And if you have questions about the deal or these brushes, don’t hesitate to contact Chloe at

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