Diane Griffiths: Stunning, Color-filled Landscape Paintings from the UK

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Diane Griffiths’ paintings are a blend of fantastical colors and real-life scenery, inspired in part by the impressionists, yet always based on true-to-life drawings taken from the gorgeous British countryside.

As a child, Diane was encouraged to draw “inside the lines,” and currently her day job is in finance (where spreadsheets are the norm). Is it any wonder her art seems to leap off the canvas in a riot of color?

You’ll see exactly what I mean, with a look at Faversham Skyline, below. :)

Not only does it feature an absolutely splendid mix of colors in the sun-soaked clouds, but they’re floating over an idyllic setting of gently-curving country streets, cozy buildings, and picturesque greenery, all of it drenched in color.


Diane’s homage to the impressionists is incredibly clear in this painting, seen with each dab and stroke of the brush. The effect is wonderful: golden patches of sunlight dapple the hill in the distance, and there’s nary a dark shadow in sight—it’s all just color, mixing (apparently!) effortlessly on the canvas, to give the illusion of dynamic movement and a warm, breezy day.

Next, in a more deeper, bolder color palette (albeit with equally intricate brushwork) Land’s End Sunset is an absolute stunner of a painting.


Thick, angled strokes of paint build up the orange and gold sky, bringing it visually forward as the brighter, whiter light of the sun recedes into the horizon. Underneath it all, glossy green-blue shadows anchor the sprawling stone fence line leading towards that brilliant sunset.

And don’t miss the jewel in the landscape—far off in the distance, with the best view of all, a sprawling manor sits perched on the edge of the cliff, soaking in the last golden rays of evening.

Finally, let’s finish with one of my personal favorites from Diane’s portfolio. Titled The Causeway, this painting plays tricks with your eyes, daring you to set foot on a wild strip of land being blasted by turbulant water on both sides.


Is the ground tilting? Are those waves, even now, reclaiming this mound of earth beneath our very feet?

I love the dynamic angle of the horizon line, and the watery brushstrokes which obscure it even more. In fact, everything in this painting is a rush—it’s intense, wild, and beautiful, all at the same time. . . exactly what art should be.

If you have a few minutes today, I encourage you to visit Diane’s website. Take some time to browse more of her colorful, “outside-the-lines” landscape paintings, and see what kind of journey they take you on!


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