Cathy McClelland: Truly Enchanting Acrylic Landscapes

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Are you experiencing the world as the magical place it can be?

If not, take inspiration from Australian artist Cathy McClelland’s nature-filled acrylic paintings. Blazing with the glory of natural light in its finest hour and often featuring slender-framed songbirds, her landscapes bring anew the hopes and dreams we all collectively have for the world.

Singing the Blues, for example, is a trademark painting of Cathy’s, right down to the warbling bluebird, antique spigot and spray of wildflowers.


With its whispered textures and subtle tones, the painting is entirely soothing. It calls to mind those special times when you get up with the first light of morning and head outside with a fresh-brewed cup of coffee—for a moment, totally oblivious to the emails and chores you must tend to later as you take in the welcoming song of the bluebird.

Greenie Lorikeets on the other hand is a wild shift from Cathy’s typical use of soft colors and oftentimes relaxing settings. Bold in color and spirit, the painting rushes at you with energizing waves of neon yellow, blue and red.


So vibrant is this piece that the greenie lorikeets are adept at finding the perfect hiding spots amidst the painting, and it’s so much fun when your eyes pick up on one bird. . . and then another. . . and another!

I especially love the dappled texture around the edges that ebb and flow into the tropical rainforest, causing it to glimmer and sparkle with an air of exciting mystery.

Lastly, red and white wildflowers dot the forefront of Rainbow Valley Farm, like tiny spotlights guiding our way deeper into the painting where a glorious sunset awaits.


Clouds turn from a bright tangerine to a silky peach as the sun infuses them with light, and all that golden goodness spills down onto the meadow under the watchful eye of a sharp-looking little bird.

Snugly nestled into a garden of flowers is a quaint house whose cheerful white trim beckons family members home for a hot meal. As darkness falls, a tree-shrouded hill in the background succumbs to the shadows that a few green treetops manage to escape—at least for a few more moments.

From cows at pasture to cottages tucked between hills—and of course, from wren to bluebird—Cathy’s website is filled to the brim with absolutely outstanding paintings. You’re missing out if you don’t head over there now!


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