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Monday in General Art Advice – Do you ever wonder how to pick a good art teacher? Maybe you’re trying to choose an art course online—but there are so many options! Whichever it is, come by tomorrow for some excellent advice from Phawnda Moore. . . I guarantee it’ll help you make your choice!

Tuesday in Featured Artists – Tim Soekkha not only creates his own recipes, he also illustrates them with delicious-looking ingredients. Drop in on Tuesday to check out his work, and don’t forget to submit your own art to be featured as well!

Wednesday in Painting Tutorials – Last but not least, go back to basics this week with an in-depth tutorial from Carrie Lewis on how to prepare your painting surfaces.

Plus, give a warm welcome to our latest artists!

This week we’re showcasing three new artists who have recently joined Foliotwist. Click through for a look at their art and make them feel welcome!

First up, I love how Mo Tuncay’s visceral, abstract painting’s have a bit of a post-apocalyptic or sci-fi feel. I Will Meet You There looks convincingly like the last gasp of planet earth while Other Worlds 20 seems to show a humming city of glass, metal, and light hovering between earth and sky.

Michael O’Sheehan’s paintings are also slightly abstract, but go a completely different direction. Subtle, dreamlike figures appear almost pulled from the canvas in small, delicately framed pieces like Sisters or Horse and Jockey Trot .

(Interestingly, Michael doesn’t start his paintings with an idea in mind. . . he simply allows the free flow of paint to evoke ideas and memories, and finishes the scene around whatever imagery he sees.)

And finally, don’t miss Carol Wong’s lovely landscape painting entitled Majestic Dawn or her “big cat” painting, On the Prowl. When I spoke with Carol the other day she also let slip a fantastic idea for some upcoming holiday art, which I hope she’ll be putting on her website soon. :)

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