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Monday in Drawing Tips – Calligraphy expert Phawnda Moore will share a fun, artistic way to organize and add calligraphy to your favorite cooking recipes—making your kitchen a little more functional and pretty at the same time!

Tuesday in Featured Artists – Ekaterina Popova’s paintings combine beloved memories of a home in Vladimir, Russia with her current life in the United States. Come by for a look at her work, then make sure to submit yours as well!

Wednesday in Painting Tutorials – Finish out the week with an oil transfer tutorial from Carrie Lewis. She’ll explain what an oil transfer is, why you might want to use it, and (most importantly!) how to do it right.

Plus in this month’s artist showcase. . .

From student artists to established professionals, we’ve got some fantastic new work by Foliotwist artists for you to enjoy! Take a look:

Let’s start with Sara M’s abstract pieces, which I think show a depth and range far beyond her years. In particular, check out this textured, layered oil painting (primarily in teal, black, and gray with touches of brighter hues) inspired by impressions of street art and city life. It’s amazingly vibrant, and definitely a favorite of mine.

Jaja Dario’s work is abstract in a very different manner, featuring hundreds (if not thousands) of overlapping, multi-colored circles. Visit her website, Art of the Spheres, to peruse just a few of her mesmerizing acrylic paintings.

Next, Kristal Kordich-Crandall is a Montréal-based painter who mixes photorealism, surrealism and abstraction in order to “address a range of themes from the political to the philosophical.” Unemployed is a fantastic painting that will surely make you think, as is Royalty, and. . . well, just go look at them all!

Finally, ShaLonda Chisholm believes in the power of art as a “beautiful form of self-expression and human connection.” I encourage you to visit her gorgeous website, The Eyez of Language, and enjoy her colorful, highly-expressive watercolor and acrylic paintings.

And don’t forget about Foliotwist’s Summer Giveaway!

It’s still not too late to sign up for Foliotwist’s free trial and gain one entry for every artwork you add to your new Foliotwist website during the month of August (up to 10 total). It’s free to join, fun and easy to enter, and one lucky artist will win the Grand Prize during our drawing on September 1st!

Read through the full details in last week’s newsletter, here.

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Monday in General Art Advice - Are you looking to upgrade your art game—outside the studio? Then make sure to kick things off this week with Carrie Lewis' latest article, entitled "5 Character Traits of a Successful Artist."

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