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Hufreesh Dumasia Chopra: Intuitive Abstract Paintings

If you’ve ever looked into a kaleidoscope and fell in love with the swirls of color and ever-changing patterns, you’ll probably be equally fascinated by Hufreesh Dumasia Chopra’s abstract paintings.

Hufreesh’s artwork stems from a natural expression of her being—her subconscious—unfolding in all sorts of wonderful ways, through poetic nuances of color, uninhibited forms and alternating techniques. Take a look!

Jade Dream is one of her more realistic pieces, as one can instantly make out a grove of trees trailing around a secluded cove. The jade hue is both haunting and breathtaking at the same time, rising like a mysterious fog into the air and anchoring land to sea in monochromatic splendor.


There’s also an abundance of clean, white space which lends itself in striking contrast to the billows of emerald, olive and lime that blend together effortlessly in the forefront to create a dreamy, ethereal landscape.

Now let’s go from white space to black space—well, actually a black/red color meld in the background of Inner Victory.


Just as victory comes from within—stemming from one’s heart, determination and passion—the glow of triumph is recognized in a blaze of glory radiating from the center of this painting.

Spreading out like wings, it hastens to emblaze everything around it. Wild and raw, it has no boundaries and cannot be contained, but rather, it exudes from the inside out, taking on the world with boldness in spirit.

Lastly, Speak to My Soul is a picture truly worth a thousand words.


Warm yellow tones stretch jaggedly outward like vocal recordings you might see on your iTunes display while listening to music. It’s as if the soul is speaking back, spreading love outward into the universe, until it slowly dissipates into thin air—but not before making its mark within circles of friends, loves ones and strangers.

Just as they say a butterfly can flap its wings and change the course of life forever, so too, can a simple message sent straight from one soul to another.

Hufreesh also has a few incredible, mixed media murals you can view in her portfolio, so don’t miss this chance to visit her website and explore more of her work! Be sure to check out her mural entitled Deepam 3—I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

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