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Monday in Selling Art Online – Facebook specialist (and oil painter) Nial Adams will be sharing part two of his series on selling art through Facebook. This week he’ll be going over all the different parts of a typical Facebook post, giving pointers on what you can do to help your posts get seen, read, and clicked on!

Tuesday in Featured Artists – Drop by for a look at Martha Kisling’s splashy, free-flowing watercolor paintings! As always, if you’d like your own art to be features on EE, send it in! We feature a new artist each week, and we’d love to see your work.

Wednesday in Painting Tutorials – If you like the look of highly-detailed, layered paintings in the style of the Flemish Method, but just don’t have the time to work through each of the 7 steps, check out Carrie Lewis’s “Flemish Method Shortcut” this Wednesday.

And for this month’s artist showcase. . .

Today we’re incredibly proud to highlight the fantastic art of Leslie Poteet Busker. Leslie is an artist from Charlotte, North Carolina, whose paintings are free-flowing, colorful and incredibly expressive—plus, most are quite large, at around 4 to 5 feet on each side!

If you like her work, you can follow her on instagram @lesliepoteetbusker or remember to check back at her Foliotwist website regularly for her newest work.

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