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Guess what everyone? This week marks the 9th anniversary of!

Over the past 9 years we’ve published 2400+ articles (thank goodness for our team of talented of writers!) and served around 21.1 million pageviews. I had no idea what EE would grow into when I wrote my very first blog post all those years ago, but I’m so glad I did.

Thank you—all of you—for being a part of EmptyEasel. Whether you read regularly, subscribe to the free newsletter, contribute articles, or even just drop in every once in a while, we love being a part of your life.

Here’s to seeing where the next 9 years take us. :)

We’ll be taking the week off to celebrate, but if you’re looking for some good reads, check out the following articles/videos on EE (they’re a few of my favorites):

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Introducing the ABC’s of Art Marketing: Appreciating Your Audience
PS – You can now easily read through this series from start to finish, thanks to our latest re-design. Just click the next article at the end of each post.

And here are last week’s articles on EmptyEasel:

6 Reasons Artists Should Blog

Clare Winslow: Colorful Abstract Printmaking

New Art Website But No Visitors? Here are 7 Ways to Start Getting Traffic

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