Clare Winslow: Colorful Abstract Printmaking

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A third-generation artist, Clare Winslow’s training includes a degree in fine art and years of printmaking study at the Corcoran College of Art. Her focus on printmaking allows her to integrate a broad range of artistic interests, like drawing, photography, digital imaging, design and painting.

Clare’s work reflects places she has lived, such as Tokyo, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles, and her work has been included in shows at Washington Printmaker’s Gallery, the Corcoran Museum of Art, and Civilian Art Projects in Washington, D.C, as well as in Houston and Shanghai.

“Each project is a challenge for me—finding the delicate balance between process and feeling,” said Clare.

Topographica (MD) showcases a loose version of a topography map, and provides plenty of open space for feelings and memories to pick up where the details leave off. Talk about finding that balance she refers to above! Pastel hues overlap one another beautifully, forming region-like spaces.


Meanwhile, a thick black line snakes through the middle of the map, echoed by a smaller white squiggle, both of which might represent rivers curving and etching their way through the wilderness. Small circles, at least to me, bring to mind a more heavily populated area, such as a big, urban city.

It’s all the beauty of a map without the borders and convoluted roadways. Instead, here, we’re free to blissfully explore to our hearts content, knowing the important landmarks are accounted for, should we get lost.

Wayfinder 2 is part of Clare’s Wayfinder series in which artwork falls under the theme of navigation, direction and journeys. Of course, in this particular piece, we see obvious glimpses of that theme as we take in the “stop flag,” compass and men traveling on horseback.


The color palette is earthy and reminiscent of elements of the great outdoors—cool, blue water, a burning, yellow sun and a brown, dusty trail. This piece is one of my favorites because it combines small images with large images, while using positive and negative spaces to make each image find a perfect home nestled securely within the collage.

Finally, Web (Light to Dark) depicts the intricately-laced details of nests and webs. Aesthetically, it’s complex enough to delight the mind, yet the clean white space surrounding this web provides a break when needed.


Those dark, rigid strands seem to indicate that although this web is a delicate structure, its threads are strong and quite capable of withstanding even the strongest storm or winds.

In fact, when discussing this piece, Clare said, “I make these pictures to remind myself of the fragility and intricacy of life, and the fact we are delicately, but profoundly bound to the earth and other beings.”

Clare has quite a diverse portfolio of work, including several series inspired by sea maps and migration. View more of her awesome artwork (and check out her studio blog which features gorgoues screenprinted boxes!) on her website.


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