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Nancy Teague: Colorfully Expressive Acrylic Abstracts

Nancy Teague’s impressionistic paintings are reflections of a fleeting moment or fanciful thought. Her loose, carefree style has garnered many awards and gained her acceptance in several prestigious art fairs, including the Cherry Creek Art Festival in Denver and the Coconut Grove Art Festival in Miami.

Beach Fronts is a great example of the moments Nancy captures in her abstract paintings. You can see lovely hints of a sultry day at sea, as long piers jet out into the crystal clear deep like mirages in a desert and buoys ride the gently lapping waves.

Beach Fronts

The colors Nancy picked to depict the ocean is bright and cool—perfectly reflecting the sea’s qualities. Haphazard, multi-colored squiggles are etched into the horizon, creating additional movement that complements her spontaneous paint strokes.

Moving from water to land, when I view City Parks, below, I see it as if I am in an airplane, high above the ground. Clouds cover part of the scenery, and the only thing higher is a sliver of blue sky, which you can see on the horizon.


A dazzling display of various greens peek out through the clouds, brightening the entire painting. It’s easy to imagine people strolling lazily through the park, jogging, or walking their dogs on a beautiful summer day.

As for this final painting, in her blog, Nancy say’s Blues Band will move you with color and rhythm, and I have to agree. I love the complimentary blue and orange hues that create their own “bluesy” energy.

Blues Band

Sections are carved out of the strip of blue in the middle of the painting, and it’s easy to imagine individual musical instruments, like a drum set or oboe, filling the empty space. The orange patterns above look like individuals in the band—I can’t help but visualize them grooving along to their music as the crowd listens in delight.

Nancy’s blog is a fascinating source of additional information about her work and life—I highly encourage you to visit her website, and go from there to her blog to learn more about her fabulous paintings!

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