Clare Horne: Vivid Abstract Paintings in Acrylic and Oil

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Throw definitions and labels out the window. Toss out anything you’ve ever been taught, and forget everything you thought you knew. Then go explore Clare Horne’s eye-opening abstract paintings—I think you’ll find yourself a more enlightened, soulful individual.

“[I urge the viewer] to freely explore who we are and who we want to be as if our choices are free of consequence,” she says. “It would be as if our parents never explained to us the difference between success and failure, or as if our teachers taught us both sides of history.”

22-Year-Old Meltdown is both literal and figurative. Have you ever thrown an egg at a wall (who hasn’t?) and watched it stickily drip down? Typically, pent-up frustration or maybe plain old orneriness are reasons for acting out, and that’s what this painting reminds me of.


A hodgepodge of colors drip down the painting, developing grooves between self-created vertical lines that might represent the scars of adolescence. And those complex emotions that course through your body and mind as a young adult, creating a colorful array of thoughts and feelings? Those are literally visualized in this piece.

Ovals of various sizes and colors twist like pretzels in Failing to Fit In Anywhere Entirely. At first glance, they’re all similar in appearance—it’s difficult to pinpoint one that really stands out from the crowd.


That feeling of being trapped in a crowd, just one of many, is perhaps a metaphor for our communities or societies—not being able to find one’s niche, or be truly accepted for who we are. The uniqueness of each oval in this painting, however, speaks to the idea that self-acceptance is the first hurdle to overcome before you can relate to others.

Lastly, what do you think of when you envision the south? I think of slow drawls like molasses dripping off the tongue, and sweet tea enjoyed in the presence of family on an old, wrap-around porch.


In Southern Surface, above, I see all of those things in the calm, cool colors, complete with plenty of ivory to neutralize any over-excitement.

While the burnt orange and teal hues bring a little southwestern flair, cool blues and greens freshen up the piece and speak to a more natural side of the south, where one can look up and see miles of blue sky, then look down to see acres of green field at their feet—and maybe a gorgeous peach tree or two!

Want more? Then by all means, check out the rest of Clare’s magnificent artwork on her website. I guarantee you’ll have your eyes opened.


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