Richard Rogers: Expressionistic Acrylic Landscapes

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Australian artist Richard Rogers wants nothing more than to spread the love – the love of art, that is!

As a tutor, Richard publicly demonstrates a broad range of skills, techniques, and styles to help other painters achieve their artistic goals and reach their full potential. Not only has he produced seven instructional art DVDS, but he also runs regular coaching clinics at his studio and travels extensively, conducting workshops and demonstrations for art groups and societies around Australia.

Naturally, he’s a very talented artist himself, too.

Vivid blues are magnified by the mid-afternoon sun in Down to the River, where a cloudless sky brilliantly reflects in that breathtaking cerulean river. Meanwhile, in the background, silvery bark shimmers in the summer heat, trailing upward to reveal dense foliage ranging from muted mints to earthy sages with opposing navy blue shadows.


Richard’s unique style is most proudly portrayed in the darting squiggles and short, quick strokes that make up the waterside brush, signify the lazy current, and hint at animal trails leading toward the water’s edge. His unexpected washes of color—from lemon yellow to coral seen in the forefront, further work to illuminate and bring the painting to life.

In Standing Strong, Richard takes an object most would see as ugly and transforms it into something special that can withstand the test of time—making it beautiful in its own right.


This gnarled tree, half-pulled from the ground with its roots twisting around each other, has a strong, stubborn spirit, proudly revealing with its cracks and crevasses the many seasons it has weathered.

Lastly, Green is the most abstract of the three paintings shown today, but perhaps that gives us more to appreciate, as we bring our own details into it.


This painting is truly a celebration of every green known to man, from unadulterated grass green to the most complex blue-greens. It pays homage to the plentiful colors found outdoors, which we so often neglect to see as we run around in our busy lives. This painting invites us to sit down and enjoy them—and the rest of nature as well—for as long as we’d like.

For more of Richard’s amazing abstract and realist work, please visit his website and check out ALL of his other paintings.


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