Jorge Calero: Magical, Animal-filled Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Jorge Calero has a knack for seeing beyond the “everyday” into a world teeming with small delights. His love of all things nature has fine-tuned his imagination, enabling him to create light-filled landscapes that evoke the very emotion and personality of the sea, swamp, and forest.

Take a look at this first painting, Chameleons, where fireflies cast sparkling light upon two chameleons battling for superiority in an intimate stare contest.


Mossy greens and dirt-smudged browns denote the heaviness of the air, weighted down by the humidity of the swamp. The mugginess adds a haze to the landscape, allowing just a hint of tall, tropical trees and fan-like aquatic plants to show, while the two chameleons remain stiff as statues, their tails blending in with the twisting, curving tree branches.

And if you thought an aquarium was all clear water and goldfish, think again! In Aquarium V, seen below, a much more vibrant world emerges.


Assorted schools of fish zip hastily along, leaving splashes of water and a whirlwind of bubbles in their wake. Coral and seaweed rise up, in red, gold, and green, creating not just festive scenery, but also a safe home for these active, yet wary fish.

Lastly, in Butterflies at Sunset, we see a family of birds that’s staying very alert, even as the sun drops behind some gorgeous foliage.


Amidst the lush plant life, a wide-eyed frog hides in a cup-shaped flower, seemingly up to no good, while golden and red butterflies take flight in a sudden migration through the forest. Below them, a carpet of wildflowers transform into a bouquet of jeweled tones waving goodbye in the whispers of wind.

Want to see more of these wonderful landscapes? Escape our own world and head into Jorge’s by visiting his online portfolio today.


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