Terri Einer: Quirky and Whimsical Acrylic Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Terri Einer is a master of the abstract arts, creating deliciously bold, colorful renditions of still life, flowers and landscapes with lose, quick strokes.

Although her artistic journey began at a young age with crayon in hand, it wasn’t until Terri raised her family and moved through a short-lived craft business that she found time to pick up the paintbrush again. Take a moment to enjoy her journey with me. . .

In this first painting, entitled Hurry Home, snow drifts lazily down upon four children tromping through streets blanketed white. No doubt it’s been a wondrous (and long!) day playing outdoors in the fresh-fallen snow, but now it’s time to head back for dinner.

Hurry-Home art

Hazy streetlamps and dimly-lit windows appear between the softly falling flakes as these kids determinedly put one foot in front of the other. Terri’s loose lines highlight drifts in the snow and depict blustery winds that hastily sweep the kids along. Together with her carefree pen squiggles, the scene truly comes to life.

Keeping with the wintry theme, the joys of Christmas are well-represented in Ice Skates seen below, featuring delicate holly, reflective bulbs and warm, lace-up skates.

ice-skates art

Chestnuts may not be roasting over an open fire, but the chestnut brown background with amber undertones radiates warmth and comfort, and the smooth lines outlining the skate’s blades are whimsical in an old-fashioned way. Bright red bulbs add a beautiful contrast to the soft, cream-colored skates. . . which inspire thoughts of eggnog dancing around in my head!

Lastly, The Line Up is a spirited painting featuring fantastic lines that lead your eyes all around the canvas!

The-LineUp-large art

Rectangles are found everywhere, from the charming petals to the stocky vases and gleaming countertop. Light pours in from the upper left-hand side of the painting, creating two perfect triangles across the painting—one bathed in light, the other in dusky shadow—which makes it feel like the flowers are bursting forth from the canvas to reach the sun.

Meanwhile, can we talk about the texturing and simple mixing of colors used to create the haphazard flower petals? In a word, it’s profound.

Of course, there’s plenty more we couldn’t touch on today, so make sure to visit Terri’s website and see the rest of her marvelous artwork—you won’t be disappointed!


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