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Painter Sally Bullers has grown in leaps in bounds throughout her artistic career, but one thing that’s never changed is her desire to express a sense of emotion on paper, and use that emotion to create a connection with the people who view her art.

Although she prefers to paint primarily in acrylic, Appalachian Garden is a watercolor piece dreamily depicting radiant light flooding into a room filled with cool shadows.


Prismatic fuchsia and apricot hues are found in circular patterns on the right side of the painting, reminding me of my grandmother’s delicate, decorative plates on display.

All those bold colors reflecting from the plates are an equal match to the sunny disposition of the yellow flowers surrounding them. Warm and cool hues interact to give the painting a nice dose of brightness without being overwhelming.

Sally’s second painting for today, Crescendo, is aptly named. Muted colors of sage and periwinkle surround the focal point, a mix of thickly painted red, black, blue, green and white grouped together in the form of a musical crescendo!


The symbol boisterously opens up toward the right side of the painting, commanding attention while loudly demanding to be seen. Musical notes torn from song pages are haphazardly folded into the painting as well, forming a beautiful collage of colors, notes and emotion that make this painting a real winner!

Lastly, Mountain High is one of my very favorite paintings by Sally.


The colors of the foliage are as deep and as real as that seen in Colorado’s mountain-filled regions, where aspen trees reflect the sun’s brilliance by throwing flecks of gold on anything and everything in reach of their gorgeous leaves.

Even-toned lilac smudges detail the steepness of the mountain, and the depths of the lake, while quivering tree trunks ever-so-gently guide my eye up and down the painting.

And at the mountain’s edge, emerald green, sapphire blue and ruby red colors add a richness that entices the viewer to look deeper INTO the painting, to see what lies deep within that vibrant brush and foliage.

I encourage you to check out more of Sally’s new music series on her website (in which Crescendo, above, is included) as well as the rest of her wonderful paintings.

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