Holiday Update #6 – Angela Westerman

By admin in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Welcome back to our final week of Holiday Updates! Today we’re taking another look at Angela Westerman’s gorgeous organic abstracts.

Angela (who goes by “AK” professionally) has recently branched out into a new niche market with her hand-painted skatedecks, for skateboarders who really want a custom look. Check out her latest work below:


Angela’s flowing, natural designs make great-looking skateboards, and I’m sure they’re going fast—in more ways than one, if you’ll pardon the pun. :)

For those of you who’d like one of your own (or if you know someone who would) you can easily order them by emailing Angela at or by contacting her through her website or facebook page.

And speaking of social media, Angela’s also on Twitter (go follow her!) as well as DeviantArt if you’d rather find her there. I know we’ll be seeing a lot more awesome art from her in 2015, so now’s definitely the time to follow her and stay informed.

Thanks so much for spending part of your holiday with us. . . we’ll see you here tomorrow with another artist update!


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