Holiday Update #4 – Sharlena Wood

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Merry Christmas, everyone! Today in our Holiday Update series we’re taking a second look at the multi-talented Sharlena Wood—a painter, educator, and business owner who makes art fun for everyone!

Check out one of Sharlena’s latest paintings below, which she created as part of her new mixed-media wildlife painting class on Craftsy:


“I had no idea it would turn out so different and psychedelic,” she said, “but as it came to life, I was excited beyond words, so much so that I stayed in the production studio for a late night to keep working on it. I was in the zone!”

Besides teaching and creating art, Sharlena’s art business (Shared Palette) helps put on interactive painting experiences for large and small corporations, private parties, fundraising events and more.

If you have a minute today (or sometime soon; I know it’s Christmas!) make sure to follow Sharlena on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or her blog so you can stay up-to-date on everything she’s involved in.

And that’s all for today folks! Once again, Merry Christmas! We’ll see you tomorrow with another artist update!


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