Steven “Grit” Lombardi: Boldly Abstract Portraits

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

If you’re pining for vibrant, exciting artwork, look no further—Steven “Grit” Lombardi’s portraits are a bold blend of realism and expressive abstraction.

Painting with unexpected color, strong shapes, and loose strokes, this San Diego artist has the astonishing ability to depict musicians, actors and other pop-culture icons through a deft line here and a splash of texture there.

His openness to exploring new techniques and mediums (like pencil, ink, spray paint and even tattooing) keeps Grit’s work spontaneous and edgy. You may have even seen his artwork on popular concert tees, skateboard graphics, and other merchandise.

Jimi gets up close and personal with the late Jimi Hendrix, a famous American musician who made his mark during the ‘60s and ‘70s. In this acrylic painting, you can see the raw passion for his career written on his face—from the focused look in his eyes, clenched jaw and resolute purse of his lips.


I’m loving the muddled shadow of green across the right side of his face and lips, which sets off his bright red shirt. The red may signify his fleeting, albeit powerful, career in music, which will no doubt live on for years and years to come.

Audrey Hepburn plays coy in this next acrylic painting, entitled simply, Audrey. So often we see her with her signature red lips and sophisticated cognac hair, but here, her personality comes to life, and it’s playful, if perhaps a bit wary.


Fantastic lime green in the background allows her rosy complexion to radiate from the canvas. The same goes for the teal hair and lip color that mimic her worldly eyes. Like a British spy, debonair hat and all, Audrey seems on the verge to tell us all of life’s secrets, so long as no eavesdroppers are in sight.

And lastly, even with his signature glasses on, Ozzy’s stare is unyielding. If not for his cascading dark locks of hair, he might blend into the similarly-colored background altogether. But that’s not the Ozzy who’s full of fanfare that we know and love.


His outward appearance portrays feelings of exhaustion, as if he yearns to get away from the public eye and the chaos of his former, tumultuous life. . . put that together with the high-contrast colors, and you have a very striking, memorable portrait.

Don’t miss out on the many other wonderful portraits by Grit Lombardi—take a minute to visit his website today. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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