Liam Hennessy: Colorful Abstract Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Biomorphic forms and geometric abstractions unite in Liam Hennessy’s artwork, creating lively colors through organized chaos. Influenced by early 20th century abstraction, Liam works intuitively and spontaneously—resulting in artwork that truly connects with viewers’ inner emotions.

Arizona, for example, evokes the vivacious spirit of the southwest in an array of bright colors and smooth, free-spirited patterns.


It’s not the type of abstract painting in which you peer into, hoping to make sense of forms or shapes. You’ll find nary a cactus or desert in this piece. Instead, it’s about the feeling associated with the beautiful state and everything that resides within it.

We can appreciate the pure, brilliant blues, which are a staple of southwestern art, as well as reminiscent of piercing blue skies and the Colorado River. And in the sandy, clay hues and beautiful curved forms, we glimpse a bit of the powerful magnificence of the Antelope or Grand Canyon. The energy behind this entire piece is extraordinary, and quite frankly, a lot of fun, too!

Ground Speed (below) evokes a different feeling entirely, reminding me of the hauntingly beautiful, yet fleeting blurs in landscapes one sees upon driving quickly past them.


Curving hills, a warm sunrise, and tall city buildings warp into a single wonderfully abstract picture. Pastel oranges and pinks mingle with charcoal greys and maroons, contrasting nicely while helping the geometric shapes protrude visually from the canvas.

A few circular shapes maintain interest in a sea of jagged rectangles and sharp edges, and of course, the overall tilt to the right creates the intuitive sensation of moving forward.

Lastly, Light Construction is prismatic and reflective, paying homage to light and building it up majestically just as the title of the painting suggests.


Blues of varying tints and tones complement each other while lending a clean, crisp feeling to the painting. Alternating angles keep all the different shapes connected, and, whether they be mirrors or windows, they’re all constantly reflecting, allowing a deeper look into this complexly intricate and fascinating piece.

Liam has more than 50 colorful, elaborate paintings on his website, most of which are for sale, all at a reasonable price—don’t miss the chance to check them out today!


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