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Effervescent and poetic—that’s the resounding theme for artist Inessa K’s wildly original artwork. Her gorgeous collages are as complexly-choreographed as a dance, which makes sense because Inessa is a dancer, too!

Although born in Kazakhstan and a citizen of Russia, Inessa has travelled extensively in pursuit of her art. She sharpened her skills under renowned artists at Central St. Martin’s College of Arts in London, the Ruskin School University of Oxford, and the Russian Academy of Arts, and has called Singapore her home for the last nine years.

Let’s take a look at her work, shall we?

In Ballad of a Sailboat, below, a touch of shimmer and splash of sparkle are cause for immediate delight. The most heavenly and pristine pinks, blues and yellows surround a majestic ship that forges forward like a dream out of midnight blue skies and seas.


Scroll-like details frame photos of perhaps the ship’s captain and owner, honoring them in the way the portraits sit high up on both sides of the collage. Similar white scrollwork flows from the painting where vessel meets water, appearing as icy waves breaking at the water’s surface.

Entitled, But Only Three in All God’s Universe, this next painting uses bits of gold leaf to bring out hints of luxurious warmth beneath the collage’s top layers.


The painting is full of whispered sentiments, both literally and figuratively. Cascading flowers separate the painting from left to right, but where they trail off, brilliant colors take over.

Dazzling washes of blue and purple at the bottom right of the painting move the eye horizontally instead of downward, creating depth and the idea of perhaps a secret lagoon—an oasis of sorts amid the breathtaking blossoms. Throughout the painting, hints of unexpected texture and detail subtly add to the rich, ornate feeling of this piece.

Last but not least, Charming Garden is rightfully named. Several abstract sunflowers command attention against the dark, eggplant-colored background, while between them other hues mix and mingle, forming hundreds of petals throughout the composition.


A few flowers are outlined in white while others aren’t, but it all adds to the garden’s orderly chaos. Fuchias, teals and crimsons are dropped here and there, applied both thickly and thinly—all the varying textures, colors and sizes of the flowers in this charismatic painting keep me constantly entertained!

To view more of Inessa’s vibrant artwork, please take a minute to visit her website and browse the rest of her online portfolio.

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