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Monday in General Art Advice – What do you do when a potential buyer asks for a lower price on your art? Walk away? Or. . . negotiate? If you’re not sure, come by tomorrow for Aletta de Wal’s incredibly helpful article discussing how (and more importantly, what) to negotiate in those situations.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – Niki Hilsabeck will share 3 handy ways to correct mistakes in a dry pastel painting. While some may consider pastel an “unforgiving” medium due to its permanent nature, there ARE ways to recover mid-way through a painting if you need to. Learn more on Tuesday!

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop in this Wednesday for a look at Inessa K’s gorgeously colorful collages which feature beautiful florals, nostalgic patterns, and vibrant acrylic paint. As always, feel free to submit your own artwork to be featured as well—we love finding new artists to showcase!

Thursday in Motivation – Have you ever come across a great design or amazing art collection and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that??” Well, get ready to feel that way again, plus, hopefully, a little inspired. :) Finish the week with a look at a brilliant Kickstarter campaign that just goes to show someday artists will rule the world.

And now for an art contest update. . .

If you love art competitions, then make sure to visit (and bookmark) ASC’s monthly contest page. I was reminded to check them out over the weekend, and besides all the prizes available, there’s also a great community of artists creating art around fun themes every single month.

If you’re in the mood to stretch yourself, or just want to try something a little different, head on over and see if one of those competitions catches your eye—my hunch is, something will. And if not, there’s always next month, too. :)

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There will be no new articles published this week on EmptyEasel, but on Saturday we'll be giving away another free downloadable eGuide, co-produced by Craftsy and the talented illustrator Antonella Avogadro.

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