Achraf Baznani: Surreal, Inventive Digital Photographs

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Photography

Moroccan photographer and filmmaker Achraf Baznani is wildly imaginative, and his figurative, digitally-enhanced photographs are a testament to the infinite wonder and delight he has in the world around him.

Achraf’s photographs offer a surreal take on life to help his viewers pause and think outside of the box. As a self-taught photographer, he has a profound way of taking normal, everyday objects and transforming them—and himself—into a truly magical experience.

Face of Battle is a sobering reminder of the heavy weight of war, where bullets outnumber soldiers and solidarity is sometimes a desert’s length away.

Face of Battle

This soldier sits alone, his back against the only thing he can now truly depend on—his bullets. The world seems to be spinning, curving quickly around him at a dizzying speed, sparking feelings of loneliness and fatigue that every soldier must experience from time to time.

His next photo, Psychosis, is such a trick on the mind—it’s fabulously creative! Just like the famous rabbit-duck illusion, this is an ambiguous image which shows Achraf’s front and side profiles.


I’m amazed at how well both images translate, especially in terms of proportion and detail. Clean white space offers the perfect stark background to let your eye travel between the two interpretations. This is a well-crafted photograph that I think best highlights Achraf’s genius.

Lastly, I think any booklover can relate to My Small World, seen below. When reading, it’s so easy to get lost inside a story that you become wholeheartedly absorbed in, and the light bulb, so often viewed as the symbol for a bright idea, accurately portrays this notion.


Likewise, the world around you seems to fade away, just like the background of this photo fades away, leaving only Achraf and the light bulb in focus. I love how Achraf was able to cleverly make it appear as if he is leaning comfortably against the curvy edges of the bulb—no doubt he is relaxed and enjoying a very good read!

Achraf’s online portfolio contains many more digitally-enhanced photos like the ones above. If they’re not your cup of tea (and believe me, he has plenty of photos of that, too!) you may instead be interested in his realistic photographs detailing nature, animals, and landscapes.


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