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Monday in Drawing Tips – No matter how skilled you are with colored pencils, eventually you’re going to need to “lift” some of that color off your paper. Luckily, Carrie Lewis has two very effective methods to do just that—drop in tomorrow and see how!

Tuesday in Motivation – Set aside some time to learn how three art psychotherapy students are making a difference in the lives of Palestinian children severely affected by war. . . and how YOU can help.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Surreal, textured, organic. . . all of these words describe Chad Hoberer’s paintings, but you’ve really got to see them to understand. Come by for that on Wednesday, and of course, feel free to submit your own artwork to be featured on EE as well!

Thursday in Selling Art Online – After writing about one art app last week, I just had to see what else was out there. Don’t miss my next review, this Thursday, of an iPhone and iPad app that solves a major problem for art buyers (and helps artists, too!)

Plus, this Saturday. . .

Our friends over at Craftsy are releasing a FREE, downloadable guide to drawing the human face, and we’ve teamed up to help them get it out to as many artists as possible. Visit our section on Drawing Tutorials at the end of the week to get your own copy!

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