This Week: 4/27 through 5/3

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Monday in Painting Tutorials – Come by tomorrow for a great step-by-step tutorial from Brandi Bowman demonstrating how to paint colored glass wine bottles in oil.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – If you’re like many artists, the coming months will be full of art events—with all types of artists (and personalities!) in attendence. Drop in on Tuesday for Niki Hilsabeck’s excellent article on how to be a good neighbor at every art fair you attend.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – This week we’ll be showcasing some of the fantastic light-filled paintings of Arizona artist Andrea Merican. As always, if you’d like your own artwork to be featured on EE, send it in!

Thursday in Inspiration – Finish out the week with an amazing story from Ewen MacDonald about his time in Istanbul demonstrating watercolor techniques for a group of special needs students.

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