This Week: 4/20 through 4/26

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Monday in Photography Tips – Have you ever tried to take a nice family photo (or a special portrait of a friend) and wondered how professional photographers get such good results? Well, we have too—and thanks to our friends at Craftsy, tomorrow we’ll be able to share a bunch of fantastic tips for how to take awesome family photos at home. Don’t miss it!

Tuesday in General Art Advice – If you’re feeling stretched thin with all the art shows and events coming up this year, you’re not alone. In some cases, fewer might even be better—drop in this Tuesday for Niki Hilsabeck’s latest article, entitled “5 Signs It’s Time to Leave An Art Event Behind.”

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Make sure to come by and check out Gill Bustamante’s bright, colorful paintings (one of which seems to almost glow) and then submit your own artwork to be featured as well. We showcase one artist per week, and we’re always looking for more!

Thursday in Motivation – Finish out the week with a look at Chicago Kids Create, a unique sculpture-based art program designed for public school students in Chicago.

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