Jeni Hodgson Craig: Elegantly Detailed Still Life Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Originally from England, Jeni Hodgson Craig is both an exceptionally talented artist and world traveler. She has exhibited and sold her incredibly detailed, light-filled paintings everywhere from Africa and the Middle East, to the United States, throughout Europe, and even Japan.

Nowadays, when she’s not painting for pleasure or commission, you’ll find her in Estepona, Spain, where she also teaches art.

In this first painting, the reflective details and pinpointed contrast on this Cadillac are what I find most mesmerizing – from the crisp white lines separating the black of the background from that of the car to the light/dark contrast created with the mirrored chrome and shiny lights.


The smooth, fine curves of the car are very apparent in this painting, and one of the many focal points alongside the grates of the grill, which, at an angle, almost allow for a look into the body of the car, itself.

Even the primarily black and white colors signify sophistication and class—like that of a tuxedo. It’s all elegance on display within this painting!

But how about even more detail? In this next painting of a gazebo and its surrounding garden below, you got it! There are endless amounts of linear intrigue and color contrast between light and dark that keep my eye forever searching in vain all the interesting aspects of the painting.


Just as I stop to admire the pink and maroon squares of the pathway, I am tempted to take in the thousands of flickering leaves, half of which are basking in the warm sunlight and the other half of which stay cool in the shadow of their brothers and sisters.

Flowers dot the lush greenery that encases the snow white gazebo, taking away some of its pristine coolness and surrounding it with comfort, liveliness and warmth. Just another perfect day in paradise here!

This final painting below creates distinction between warm and cool colors, as well, for the ultimate in visual contrast.


We’ve got the ice blue of the teapot’s painted flowers, and the warmth found in the spicy orange of the peaches and citrus. The sun filters in from the upper right corner of the painting, creating a shimmering haze over the delicate scene and casting softness over the immaculate details of the fine china.

With the softness of the light, it almost appears to be early morning—a morning that makes it very easy to decide to eat breakfast outdoors!

Jeni has so much talent, and just these three paintings alone don’t come CLOSE to telling the whole story. Make a point to stop by her website today and see the rest of her beautiful portfolio in detail!


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