EM “Ema” Beck: Nostalgic, Whimsical Photographs

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Photography

As a child and young adult, EM “Ema” Beck was torn between left and right brain passions for mathematics and art. In the end, however, Ema’s love of art won out and transformed into a full blown career as a photographer and painter.

She currently sells her fine art prints and paintings on websites such as Society6 and Etsy, as well as in her own art store, Rains on the Plain.

The first of her photographs below, entitled Wonder, boasts natural hues—dusty yellows, deep rosewoods and dappled greens—alongside vibrant magenta flowers yearning for the sun.


In the background, streams of light and flecks of dust battle furiously against each other, blurring into the distance, while in the foreground, the flowers raise up their gorgeous blooms—their petals caught in detail perfection that not even a lone butterfly can ignore.

More unexpected, but equally fascinating is the still life entitled Nerdy, seen below, which shows Ema’s fun, playful side. With one glance, I’m transported into one of those fantastic yet terrible black and white horror movies (and I mean that in the best way possible).


Alongside a multi-level building comprised of stacks of great science fiction and fantasy novels is a Godzilla-like man-eater just waiting to wreak havoc. It’s a visual that is so charming and spirited that I can’t help but smile.

Lastly, the style of Winter Gold, below, imparts a certain vintage appeal. . . there’s a wonderful nostalgia in looking between the gently blowing wild grass and finding cool hints of the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.

Winter Gold

The colors in the photograph are muted, as well, which I think gives it that wintry, crisp look and feel. I also like that the photo seems dated—it makes me wonder about the history of that specific location, and whether time has changed it altogether.

Whatever the truth may be, this is one moment that will forever be etched in time – and that’s something quite special.

I encourage you to view Ema’s extensive online portfolio, which contains many more gorgeous land, sea, flora and fauna, and still life photographs. And of course, be sure to check out her blog also, for more wonderful insights into her life as an artist.


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