Alix Baker: Colorful Acrylic Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

As an accomplished jack-of-all-trades painter, Alix Baker’s portfolio includes people and places at home and abroad, in acrylic, oil or watercolor. Her time spent as a military artist has undoubtedly honed her graphic rendering skills, but nowadays, Alix prefers to paint loosely and boldly.

“At the moment, I’m working mostly in acrylic to catch up with exhibition work, but I long for my oils and watercolors,” she said. “I do find I have several styles depending on the subject matter. Artists by their nature must always explore and push personal boundaries.”

Tending just slightly towards the abstract, Catching the Breeze certainly is a view to behold! In this acrylic painting, Alix carves out a hilly landscape around a cool lake and fills it with circular trees, bushes and rocks.


Although colorful and somewhat impressionistic, her eye for detail is still clearly apparent in the crevices time has etched into the sand across the way; and the fluffy plumes of grass jutting up throughout the diverse landscape.

A trio of sailboats casually makes its way out of the shade and into glistening waters, with passengers who (I’m sure) are eager to tilt their faces toward the sun and bask in the day’s sheer perfection.

Likewise, in the painting below under an equally brilliant sky, The Fascinator sails across the lawn at a social gathering, displaying her bold personality in an attention-grabbing yellow and gold number and a purple shawl fit for a queen.


With sunglasses covering half her face, she is the picture of nonchalance, yet the ladies off to the side can’t resist sneaking another peak and exchanging a few whispered words about the woman who has caught their eye.

Last but not least, Cool Shade and Weathered Stone seen here makes me yearn for a vacation in a warm, seaside setting such as this, where plants and palm trees create shadows on a charming cobblestone paths and rustic white walls.


It’s a cloudless day, yet along the alley, the shade makes the stone refreshingly cool to the touch. I love the way Alix allowed the walls to remain abstract—it brings out playful, whimsical note in the painting and expresses the carefree nature found within the setting of this slow-moving, seaside paradise.

Alix’s creativity continues unabated on her website, which I’d highly encourage you to visit. It’s filled with many more treasured scenes that you’re sure to love.


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