Tim Hacker: Stunning Digital Photography From Around the World

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Photography

Award winning photographer Tim Hacker’s work is as versatile and interesting as the many places he’s visited. A physician and dabbler in acrylic painting, Tim starts with authentic photographs, and uses photo painting and digital manipulation to create truly special works of art.

When I think of Italy, I envision ancient architecture, gondolas and the country’s numerous waterways. So grand are these images that they paint the country in a spectacular “perfect” light. What I greatly enjoy about Patience, below, is that this photograph displays a facet of true Italy—the country from an everyday observer’s point of view.


Although an animal begging for food may be commonplace in most cities, there is something quite charming about this particular one. With the deli’s wide open door and laid back personnel, this photograph seems to tell a story of friendship and tolerance.

This endearing cat waits calmly outdoors, respecting certain time-honored boundaries. It knows that if it holds out long enough, it will soon enjoy a worthwhile snack from a charitable old friend.

A dazzling display of perspective, Walk the Plank makes me green with envy that Tim has visited this “Garden of Eden” and I haven’t! The pine trees are just as stunning in the water’s reflection as on land, and everywhere are abundant, thriving signs of life.

Walk the Plank

One giant, majestic log rests in the water, serving as a plank for anyone who wishes to submerge themselves fully in this beautiful scene. The cool tones presented within the photograph—mainly blues and greens found in the white-blue log, ice blue water, and array of evergreens—signify a crisp, cool atmosphere that is equally peaceful and refreshing.

A fresh air Market located in the heart of Portugal—is there anything better? All five senses are tickled with the pungent smell of spices, the sight of colorful fruit, the feel of rough shells of a thousand nuts collected in baskets, the taste of charred meats, and the sound of a small alleyway bustling with eager buyers.


This photograph, through sight alone, depicts the market in all its glory. A colorful, chaotic vision, this market is a place for new experiences, fantastic adventures, and an education in Portugal’s rich heritage of food and culture.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of Tim’s huge online portfolio filled to the brim with equally compelling sights. Be sure to visit his website today, and immerse yourself in his stunning world of gorgeous photography.


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