Dorv MacLaren: Acrylic Murals Showcasing a Huge Talent

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Painting a mural can be a daunting task, but it’s one that large-scale painter Dorv MacLaren excels at. His murals are loaded with detail, vibrant colors and authenticity, and while Dorv typically paints with acrylics, he doesn’t shy away from using oils and mixed media from time to time.

As you’ll soon see, Dorv paints anything that catches his eye—from lighthouses to leopards—and his interests change as quickly as the tumultuous weather depicted in his artwork.

Take for example, the ominous clouds churning over the waves in Surf Lighthouse.

surf lighthouse

This 30- by 40-foot mural does justice to the enormity of the sea as it threatens to gain possession of the surfboards resting just out of its commanding reach. Seagulls swarm around the restless sea, feeding off its excitement and stirring up even more commotion.

Deer in the Trees, below, offers such a sunny outlook on nature that it’s almost as if we are observing wildlife at its most wondrous, through a trio of wood-frame windows.

deer in the trees

The two deer stand still as statues, as the sun’s rays stream down. No doubt they are inquisitive about the nearby onlookers, as well as what the new day will bring. At their feet, crisp autumn leaves blanket the forest floor and mimic the coloring of the wood frame, tying the entire triptych together beautfully.

Lastly, trapped between an endless sky and miles of water is the Chicago Skyline.

Chicago Skyline

A brilliant sunrise floods each massive building in golden light, magically transforming this modern-day, innovative city into an priceless treasure brimming with antiquity. The darkness of the water contrasts nicely with the lighter morning sky, while in between the city extends its brilliant spires towards both, bridging the gap as it always does.

Check out the rest of Dorv’s enormous murals—and enjoy his flair for capturing detail—by heading out to his website. You’ll be glad you did!


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