Usha Patibandla: Abstract Paintings Exploding with Energy

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

If you like art with a whirlwind of exciting, dramatic colors and emotions, then I guarantee Usha Patibandla’s abstract paintings will blow you away.

In her Energy series, Usha experiments with startling color combinations, far-out forms and flat-out otherworldly ferocity. This next painting in particular, entitled Energy 7, stood out to me through its sheer magnitude of color.


Those brilliant, liquid hues are absolutely astounding. . . it’s a painting that appears to be permanently in motion, like an atom exploding, an ice ball burning through space, or a topographical map teaming with contours.

Each of Usha’s paintings combine a strong composition with solid color schemes, forms and perspective. This is especially true of Merging, which captures the splendor of a flower in close proximity with Usha’s own distinctive flair.


As colors and shapes delicately butt heads within the tight frame, reality flies out the window. What I was once sure was a flower is now a butterfly—or is it? One thing is clear, however. Usha has an amazing ability to breach new territories within our imaginations.

From fierce to flowing, we’ve already seen the range of Usha’s creativity. This last painting takes her abilities one step further, though.

In Guitar, she actually uses four corresponding pieces of canvas to emphasize the bold, modern colors and composition of the piece.


What I enjoyed most, however, was finding the outline of piano keys along the guitar’s body. . . which nicely ends our exploration of Usha’s artwork on a high note.

Take a few minutes today and expand your own universe just a little bit, by visiting Usha’s website. You’ll also find some remarkable portraits and figurative work alongside her abstract pieces.


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