This Week: 10/23 through 10/29

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Monday in Video Tutorials – Acrylic painter Sherrill Kahn will demonstrate how to create simple styrofoam stamps that can be used to add visual texture to paper, cloth, or collage.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – During the “golden hour” immediately after sunrise or before sunset, almost any landscape will look incredible. On Tuesday, Mark Nesmith will share his techniques for making the most of that time.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop by mid-week to view some watercolor paintings by New Zealand landscape artist, Jan Thomson. As always, feel free to submit your own work to be featured on EE right here.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Tim Gagnon will answer questions about the evolution of his acrylic painting style, his online video courses (which were Tim’s answer to the bad economy) and much, much more.

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