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As the age-old saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words, but Jordan photographer Raad Haddad’s photos may just leave you speechless.

Raad doesn’t view his photography as a job, but rather a hobby and artistic journey he began seven years ago. And with every click of the shutter, he aspires to advance his skill level one step further down the road.

The free-spirited joy exuding from the woman dancing in the surf in III233 is contagious, casting my thoughts back to happy childhood memories when not a moment of the day was spent in worry, frustration or sadness.


The photographer’s decision to produce this photograph in black and white ensures both an elegant timelessness, and a fleeting sense of nostalgia that work incredibly well together.

In addition, the sharp contrast of sand and sea foam slicing across the bottom of the photograph offers a brilliant background composition to the woman’s graceful carefree attitude and movement.

In the end, Raad is able to capture that single perfect day at the beach. . . when the sea washes your worries away, and you are left feeling like you could fly.

Autumn Touch psd

In Autumn Touch, Raad’s amazing photography almost reminds me of a pointillist painting, where the entire piece is created with thousands upon thousands of miniscule dots.

Looking closer, I think it’s the white space of the photograph that gives this illusion, which you can see breaking through the leaves and within the tree trunks, almost as if those sections had been deleted out of the image.

The color and depth of this photograph are also intriguing, leading me to marvel over the beautiful change in nature each fall. By capturing the entire canopy of trees covering the path, Raad is able to lead my eye down the path, creating a dynamic composition in the process.

Last but not least, with it’s stylistic curvature, Dead Sea makes me feel like I am standing on the edge of the Earth, just about to topple over. . .

Dead Sea

The asymmetric balance of the photo really signifies to me the vastness of the world, seemingly stretching on forever. The vivid color and gorgeous location make taking this photograph appear effortless, but the angle in which Raad choose to take the picture is what helps it stand out among a typical landscape photo.

Be sure to check out more of Raad’s emotion-evoking photographs on his easy-to-navigate website. And if you just have to have one, his photography is also available in prints and greeting cards.

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