This Week: 6/19 through 6/25

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Monday in Painting Tutorials – Tomorrow, Nancy Standlee will be sharing her process for creating a contemporary collage painting. If you like mixed-media projects, by all means drop in and check it out.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – In literature, a “foil” is a character who draws attention to the main character by being different. . . opposite, even. On Tuesday Susan Holland will explain how that concept can apply to artists, too.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drawing on her Russian heritage, Yelena Dyumin creates classically inspired paintings that still manage to look right at home in a contemporary setting. See her work this Wednesday, and as always, feel free to submit your own artwork to be featured as well.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – In this week’s interview, Shari Warren, a commercially licensed illustrator and designer, will be discussing both the illustration process and the path to art licensing. I would highly recommend this article to any artists on that same path.

Friday in Motivation – According to Karen Middleton, creating a wishlist of art supplies isn’t just dreaming. . . it’s also good motivation. Learn why on Friday.

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