This Week: 6/5 through 6/11

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Monday in Selling Art Online – As you might remember, last month we held a “Choose your Own Price” promotion over at Foliotwist. No surprise, it was a crazy, busy month. . . but the results are finally in!

We learned a lot about what price our artists considered to be fair, and based on that feedback, we’ve already added a second, less-expensive pricing option for artists on a budget. Drop by tomorrow for the rest of the details.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Karen Middlenton asks, “How far should you go for art?” Plus, she’ll share about a time in her own life when she admits she went a bit too far trying to finish a commission—with nearly life-threatening consequences.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Check out Mary Maxam’s heavenly pastel-colored landscapes, and while you’re here, go ahead and submit your own art to be featured on EE as well.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Jewelry artist and designer Angela B. shares a bit of the motivation behind her work, and talks about some of the ways she found success in marketing her hand-crafted jewelry online.

Friday in Motivation – Animesh Roy will finish out the week by telling the story of a painting he painted twice. Unfortunately, it wasn’t by choice. . . but in the end, I think you’ll agree that it all worked out beautifully.

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