Brian LaSaga: Superrealistic Paintings, With a Simple Heartfelt Beauty

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Even though creating art comes instinctively for Brian LaSaga, a Newfoundland native who began painting at an early age, he still strives to remain faithful to the likeness of his subjects and imagery.

As a result, his realistic approach to painting nature scenes, weathered objects and rural settings comes across as quietly simplistic and emotionally inspiring.

September Field for example, is the perfect portrait for the phrase “calm before the storm.” Living in Nebraska, I frequently experience these fleeting moments right before the wind picks up and strong, cool gusts rush across the wide-open terrain.

september field acrylic 24x18 2010 598x800 s3s3

The muted greens, yellow, beige and blue hues make September Field a relaxing experience for me, but the impending storm clouds, and whispering, blowing grass bring a rush of excitement to the painting.

In this next painting, Across the Bridge, exciting and unknown adventures await a little girl in orange. Her joy and exuberance at being outside, perhaps on her own for the first time, are apparent as she scampers to the other side of the bridge. Her bright orange dress adds a spark of life and drama to the otherwise naturalistic, earthy acrylic painting.

across the bridge acrylic 8x10 2010

I can’t help but admire Brian’s superrealistic approach to this painting, which is almost indistinguishable from a photograph. At the same time, there is a heartfelt innocence to it that takes this painting from simply being “technically great” to “truly artistic.”

Lastly, the same intricacy and detail (perhaps even a bit more) is found in the woodwork of this next painting entitled Slowly Departing. I’m so glad Brian chose to zoom in, because only up close can you really appreciate the aged, splintering wood, worn padlock, and wiring that so aptly signifies a hardworking lifestyle.

slowly departing acrylic 12x16 1988 640x475

Overall, there is a refreshing simplicity to this painting. . . in its beautiful composition, for sure, but also in the grainy texture and rusted imperfections found within the doors, which lend a natural, raw essence to the entire piece.

Brian has many more images of his work posted on his website, including beautifully crafted country scenes, close-ups of old farm equipment, and even some woodland animals. If you have some time today, be sure to check it out!


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