This Week: 5/15 through 5/21

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Monday in Painting Tutorials – Drop in tomorrow to read about 8 different techniques for adding a variety of textures to your paintings. (My thanks to Gail Stivers for sending that article in.)

Tuesday in General Art Advice – We all want to say “yes” when people ask us to donate our time, or our artwork, for a good cause. . . but it’s also a good idea to set some boundaries. Alyice Edrich explains how, on Tuesday.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Don’t miss Audra Ziegel’s highly-textured, yet amazingly detailed landscape paintings. And as always, if you’d like to participate you can submit your own artwork to be featured as well.

Thursday and Friday I will be traveling, so there will be no new articles posted on either of those days.

However. . . we WILL still be taking pricing suggestions over at Foliotwist through the end of the month, as part of our Choose your Own Price experiment. If you haven’t done that yet, and you’d like to, don’t wait too much longer!

(Also, my apologies to anyone who tried to sign up for our free 10-day trial early last week. We were having some sign-up page difficulties, which have since been fixed.)

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